Code of Conduct

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The Ride2Survive Code of Conduct

Why do we ask that you agree to this code of conduct?

The R2S is different in many ways from other fund raising events:

  • We operate as a Team, not as individuals
  • We are entirely volunteer operated

As such, we have expectations of our members and those make up the Code.

  1. I will treat my fellow riders and crew with the utmost respect, recognizing that we have all given up our valuable time to train, fund raise, help, ride etc.
  2. I understand as a rider that I cannot "win" the ride as we all start, ride, rest and finish TOGETHER as a team.
  3. I understand that helping another crew or rider along the way with words of encouragement or a helping hand is an integral part of this amazing event.
  4. I understand that as a rider, if I should be unable to keep up the needed pace or if for any other reason am asked by crew or captain to get in a SAG vehicle, I will do so without argument or discussion.
  5. I understand that this event, though it is a truly significant personal challenge, is really about raising funds for cancer research.
  6. I understand that failure on my part to put good effort into fund raising is being grossly disrespectful to the uncountable hours put in by crew and organizing volunteers (remember, there is no "staff" - only volunteers).
  7. I will stand by my commitments to crew or ride and fund raise.

Thank you for joining this wonderful and amazing event!

The Ride2Survive