I often get asked, why do I do this? It has been my honour and joy to participate in R2S for the last 8 years with a wonderful group of caring and very dedicated people all in the hope of finding a cure or at the very least better quality of life and ways to mitigate the frigg’n disease’s impact on those afflicted and their families.

I had decided I wasn’t going to do the ride this year. This ole body is beaten up with ailments. Lots of new commitments in my new community of Saturna and training is a challenge. But then I heard this from my friend/colleague:

What began December 01, 2018, with a trip to Emergency for suspected cardio issues, has turned into the fight of my life 6 days later. After blood work, x-rays, and multiple CT Scans … diagnosis is widespread cancer throughout my abdominal region. It is beyond surgery and radiation. The only treatment left is chemotherapy...that may give me 4, perhaps 12 … maybe 18 months to live. The fight of my life begins.

I knew immediately that I had to do the ride again this year – how could I not? How important are my insignificant concerns in the face of my friend’s illness? And not just him – all those affected by cancer. He went on to say:

Up until last week, I had never even spent a night in the hospital. All my “ailments” have been mostly minor, and easily treatable, resulting in really only minor disruptions in my life. Today … I am a “cancer patient.” I join the leagues of those I know, and have known, who are in a serious fight … perhaps for life itself. Be assured, the emotion … sadness I feel, is not about my situation. I feel that I have never supported enough.... empathized enough … or loved enough … those who walk the road of serious illness. Today I walk with them … and maybe I can even walk for them. This journey will teach me much … 

I am inspired by my friend’s words. He reminds me that we are in this together and it’s important that we all help in whatever way we can. I will do my part by riding 400 kilometers from Kelowna to Delta in one day – a comparatively small thing.Again, this past weekend I was inspired by everyone. Kerry and Vicki’s words, Gary’s battle, I’ve ridden next to Gary and laughed, chatted, disparaged Larsen Hill. I looked around that circle this weekend WOW! No one in that circle judges … we are there for one reason, raising money for research.

I struggled Sunday, jet lag, fatigue, less training and there I was again causing a “gap” … Marcus appears and offers to pull me to close the gap, numerous times into Campbell Valley … one of hundreds of examples I’ve experienced over the last 8 years.

It’s taken years for me to in Kerry’s words “Get Over Yourself!” I’m here to raise money for cancer research so that maybe – just maybe – in the future so no one will hear the words, “4, perhaps 12 … maybe 18 months to live”.



Recaps: If you want to read how the team is doing in Vancouver.
May 11:
Training ride # 8.
This was our rolling Hills ride from Maple Ridge to Stave Lake, to Mission, Matsqui, Fort Langley and back to Maple Ridge - 130k
68 riders
June and Siobhan lend the entire ride.
SAG support team - Simon Nadeau , Linda Colasacco, Erin Ladd, Tony Nathan, Karen Fast, and Vicki Kunzli
What I loved about this ride, was not just the scenery, but the fact that the women led it.  Yes, we have had women lead rides before, but always with one of the guys.  This was the first time 2 women lead the entire team for the full distance, and they knew the route like the back of their hands.  I am so proud to see how strong the women are.
A little history that many may not know, and how things have changed in 15 years.  When I  started riding with the r2s team, I was repeatedly told I was weak, and I was told I and the other women didn’t belong on the team and that the women were holding the team back. I fought for the women to be there.   I was told that having women on the team would slow them down and they could not keep up.  Well, in 15 years, I can say those few people were wrong. 
The other thing that the women didn’t have an option to have, was that we had to wear men’s clothing.  (let me ask, how many men would like to wear women’s clothing?  hmmm… maybe i don’t want to hear the answer to that)  We’ve come a long away, and seeing the women riding, and holding their own. GREAT JOB!   How happy and proud I am to see this. Thank you to all the women who have proved they can do this, who have paved the way for women in the future and continue to ride strong.  
May 25
Let the rain come and it didn’t disappoint us, it gave it’s all. 
Ride #9
Our famous and challenging Triple Crown ride.  Riding 3 of the local mountains.
Thanks to Rich, Geoff, and Craig for putting the route together and leading the team in a very challenging ride.  (one to remember for sure)
Let’s ride from Burnaby, on the flats near the river,  up SFU mountain, then over and up Seymour Mountain, and then over to Cypress Mountain via the British Properties, then back thru Stanley Park, Vancouver and back to Burnaby. Finishing the day riding the flats by the river again.
It said it would start raining at 7am and yup, it did and it would ease up around 3pm, which it did.
Rivers of water running down the roads.  9 -11 degrees.  Warm and wet to climb, cold and wet to descend and thick fog to ride thru.
76 riders for a mandatory ride out of 160. (with many riders who live out of town and can’t be on our training rides)
A good day to learn how to layer up, what to wear in the rain and cold, and how to stay warm.  
We had Samosa’s, Butter Chicken, Rice and Hot tea at Cleveland Dam.  Thank you to Amarjit Dhadwar and Pardeep Sanghera for making this happen.  
For the first time, we had homemade, hot french fries at Ambleside Park. (why haven’t we stopped here before?)  Thank you to Ronald Tremblay, Jennifer Dick and Jonah Acheson…for doing this.  Nothing better than carbs, salt and ketchup.  You helped us step it up another level in our amazing food.
Filling 152 water bottles 6 times, thank you SAG crew.
SAG support teams - Simon Nadeau, Kathleen Inch, Jannie Koomen, Jax Twa, Gladys We, Cindy and Randy Defazio, Adam Vitkay, Satbir Gill, Carolyn King, Fraser King, Erin Ladd, and Vicki Kunzli.  
I mention our SAG support teams because they are a huge part of each training ride.  Without the SAG support team, these training rides would not happen.  
  1. The riders would not have food, or water or hot water for hot chocolate or soup at every stop. 
  2. Cold foot baths, (we should have added hot foot baths to this ride) 
  3. Spare wheels
  4. Repair flats and mechanicals
  5. A place to carry the rider bags with all their food and clothing (most riders do not pack lite)
  6. There would be no one to support the riders in whatever they need if there was no SAG Support. 
  7. The SAG support team, sets up the stops, so the riders don’t have to do anything but eat, change their clothing, and get back on their bikes.   
  8. The SAG support team helps with traffic and navigating thru the route.  
  9. SAG support is awesomeness, one more thing that the Ride2Survive does really well.
Each ride is a stepping stone to ride day.  
We start our training season with a 40k ride and 2 hours in the saddle
We finish our training season with a 200k ride and 12+ hours in the saddle
On ride day we ride 400k and spend up to 18+ hours in the saddle 
You need time in the saddle, and r2s gives you that.
  • Each ride, the team gets stronger.  
  • Each ride, the team learns to ride in perfect 2 up formation. 
  • Each ride, the team learns about nutrition and hydration  (we support eating real food)  (most rides or athletic events promote gels and power bars)
  • Each ride, the team learns what to wear, for cold days, wet days and hot days
  • Each ride, the team rides amazing routes.
  • Each ride, the team meets new team members and learns their story.   What great camaraderie the team has.
  • Each ride we see each other accomplish one more mile, one more pedal stroke and one more donation.
On May 26,  we are over $507,000…more than 1/2 way to our 1 Million dollar goal for 2019.  
3 training rides to go till ride day (200k is on Sunday, June 2)

Pole sit fundraising and pub nights over the next 3 weeks.   



Ride update for 200k from Vancouver:
200k in the bank.  ( a tad emotional realizing we nailed this and it’s the last one)
Highlights of the ride:
#1 - a strong team
88 riders 
7am to 7pm - 12 hours on the bike
R2S has an incredible reputation, each of you that has created that.

We had zero incidents with upset drivers.  Woohoo.  We do not ride like any other road cyclists or club.  Think about what you have learned and how you follow the rules of the road.

This ride is in some ways harder than ride day.  It is suppose to be challenging and tough as you prepare for the big day.  
If you took some time off the bike, don’t beat yourself up, instead celebrate what you rode.  Each pedal stroke is a stepping stone to ride day.  Many had personal bests, celebrate that:
Personal Bests (just a few to start you thinking of what you accomplished)
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Time in the Saddle
  • Food you ate
I have included our supporters for the day, as these are a huge part in helping you on training rides and ride day.
  • 20 jugs of water
  • Cold food baths @ Maple Ridge and Birchwood Dairy
  • 200 bags of potatoes chips - donated by IPS
  • 2 cases of banana’s - donated by Fruiticana
  • 4 boxes of dessert squares - donated by The Cakerie
  • Sushi Rice Savory Squares (thank you Siobhan)  A recipe from Alan Lim (from the Tour De France Garmin Team)
  • Refreshing  Watermelon - Amarjit
  • Lorine Hooge's famous homemade cinnamon buns 
  • Samosa’s and Tea - Amarjit
  • Not sure how many pounds of Butter Chicken was consumed…but let’s say a lot!  Thank you Amarjit and friends!
  • Ice Cream cones, Lemonade, and sweets @ the Birchwood Dairy
  • Many mechanicals - derailleurs, pedals, flats. Thank you Kevin for helping with mechanicals.  
  • 4 SAG vehicles to start…thank you Simon Nadeau, Carson Llewellyn, Adam Vitkay, Satbir Gill, Karen Fast, Jax Twa, Erin Ladd and Vicki
  • We added more SAG supports along the way, thank you Klaus Schoenwandt, Jaimie Gentles, Nancy & Alan Houghland, and Allison Gestle
  • A huge thank you to all the ride captains for pulling this ride off in the positive manner you did and taking leadership rolls
  • What a great ride and route..we nailed Silverdale and Mission Bridge…thank you June (it took us 15 years to get this right)
  • Thank you to Rich and June for the route, as always you put everyone thru a tough and challenging ride in preparation for ride day
  • June and Rich…you nailed the pace from the Dairy…we (as in Kerry and I) typically call this part of the ride the “death march” home…this year is was not, thank you.  You set the pace and kept the team together.  
  • Thank you to Brian for your Emergency Medial support.
  • Out of town riders…from Edmonton, Kamloops, Courtney, Nanaimo, Roberts Creek, Saturna Island, Whistler, Squamish, and Chilliwack. Apologies if I missed anyone.
  • Cheers to all the local riders for showing up and riding one more ride with your team.
  • A virtual ride by for Gary Egli, at the start of our ride in our rider circle. Gary is one of our riders from Courtney, who is in the battle of his life.  Gary has been a strong r2s rider for 6 years and is battling Multiple Myeloma.
  • Seeing the each rider battle and take on the challenge of this ride, Inspiring.  
  • Flats, Hills, Rolling Hills, heat and wind.  Woohoo you all rode it!
  • Seeing the mothers and fathers with their kids on the ride…heartwarming.   You are all creating moments and memories.
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing, and for the fundraising you are nailing.  Keep it up, surpass your goals and let’s make a change for the future.
*reminder of the rider/crew meeting on June 6.  
*fundraising opportunity to sell more raffle tickets.. (thank you to Nasir @ Surrey Honda for donating the CRV, Michel Chiasson @ Air Canada for the airline tickets and Keld from Scan Design for the $1000 gift card) 
*fundraising opportunities for the 2 pole-sits coming up over the next 2 weeks.   We will put a link on the website for you to sign up to help. (and it’s a huge amount of fun)
**please, please, do not stop the fundraising, this is important more than you know and realize (chat with me about the why we do this event and how important this is…I’m sure you can hear it in our our voices (Kerry and I)
Don’t miss the next 2 riders..they are just as important as the 200k.  
Vicki, from SAG Support and less than 3 weeks till ride day


Hi Y'all,

If you are not able to make the Vancouver Pub Night on May 31, don't fret!  Peter, Graham and Siobhan are holding a pub fundraiser on May 31 at the Townhall Public House in South Surrey  on 3140 King George Blvd.

The fun starts at 6pm with the usual suspects showing up- 50/50 draw/raffle tickets/silent auction. Tickets are $25 for burger and beer. 

All are welcome! Comment below if you are interested. we are preselling tickets, and will have them at the door.


Thank you!


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