Cathedral Building

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    I'm sorry we (Agnes and I) will be unable to attend the windup event this of all years. We are in Bordeaux preparing to cycle to Toulouse along the Garonne canal bike route.  

    Yesterday we were both affected by the massive beauty and sacred stillness of the Bordeaux Cathedral St. Andre, built 800 years ago by hundreds of stone masons over several generations. It occurred to us that for many of them it would have been an experience like a vocational lifetime of R2S: each doing their small but essential part, interdependently working together to create something good for human kind.

    These past seven R2S seasons have been a life changing priviledge.  I am grateful to Vicki, Kerri, to the executive and committee, the Ride Captains, the crew and all the volunteers and to my fellow riders. 

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in something very, very good.

Ray and Agnes Baker